Nigel Howlett is an artist and set designer who lives and works in London. He co-founded Nan studios a photographic and creative studio in 2015.

Howlett’s graphite drawings depict hairy characters, sometimes dressed only in their underpants, acting out scenarios that reflect familiar social anxieties and conditions. Always humorous and sometimes sinister, common themes in the work include our obsession with technology and our relationship with social media.

Working as a set designer Howlett's focus has been graphic and playful sets toying with trickery and illusion.

His Set design clients include Channel 4, BBC, ITV, and Sky, brands include Issey Miyake and Nike. Please contact for commissions, exciting projects, involvement and all round merriment.

Please visit for set design portfolio.

+44 (0) 7752 382 233

Nigel Howlett - Artist
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